Monday, February 20, 2017


Names of Saints
St. Emertius, St. Euphemius, St. Evander, St. Elfhelm, St. Llaws, St. Lloys, St. Rhondice, St. Cappestan, St. Angel, St. Meir, St. True, St. Hollyhelm, St. Lizard, St. Loreleis, St. Albagar, St. Albundegus, St. Ambrosio, St. Wine, St. Music, St. Orelice, St. Fulkestan, St. Bastantius, St. Pruelice, St. Jodelice, St. Josclyn, St. Ross, St. Rosalmer, St. Palmer, St. Markflorice, St. Pranstantius, St. Effervescia, St. Efectual

Names of Farms
In normal conversation you usually drop the "farm."  Like, nobody says, "I'm looking for Green Valley Farm," just, "I'm looking for Green Valley." 

Litchfield farm.   Green Valley Farm.  Rolling Green Country Farm.  Pleasantview Farm.  Luckless Field Farm.  Lonely Field Farm.  Leprechaun's Farm (not run by a leprechaun, everyone just calls it that).  Hidden View Farm. Corpsrikker Farm.  Stoneybroke Farm.  Elephant's Farm.  Patched Banner Farm.  Goodwinter Farm.  Burned Field Farm.  Smoking Hill Farm.   Farm of the Famous Rapist (a merely historical episode).   Swelterfield Farm.  Dropped Drake Farm.  Pottery Barn Farm (did you know ancient clay sherds make excellent composting material?)  Wooly Woods Farm.  Longacre Farm.  Acrewood Farm.  Mark's Hart Farm.  Jodelsynger Farm.  The High Farm.  Overlook Acres.  Green Acres.  Waystone Standing Farm.  Prentice Llaw's Farm (Prentice Llaws has been dead 100 years).  Swathecutter Stream Farm.   Mashed Acres.  Dustswallow Farm.  Wurstenwurster Farm.  Brewer's Field.  Circular Acres.  Holy Road Acres.  Mere Acres.  Many-Acres Farm (consists of three acres).  Rockpile Acres (famous for its mysterious stacked stones, piled by bored shepherds 1,000 years ago).   Lookout Acres.  Whichwaycres.  Whocres.  Cramped Crooked Acres.  Kingsweed Stand.  Highthistle.  Yellowclay.  Bitterbrook.  Patched Earth. 

Names of Local Beasts (Peasants are always giving names to the local Thing Out In The Woods That's Killing Them)

The Careless Beast.  The Loomer.  The Stumper.  The Precious Horn.  Smellymouth.  Moleslayer.  Turnip.  The Sweet Screecher.  Little Big-Blow.  Spiderfriend.  Peeling Petey.  Freshclods.  Clogstomper.  Lamplighter.  Puddle-Look.  Turn-in-the-Rows.  The Hay-Fish.  Thrice Threshed.  Hands-Me-Down (walks on hands, attacks with feet).  Everytooth.  The Handsome Man.  Maresnatcher.  Head-of-Thyme.   The Garlic Thief.  Between-the-Boards.  Roofhiker.  Eye of the Dawn (a pretentious legend).  Roaming Betty.   The Forest Crab (peasants have insane notions like, crabs are huge and have six claws and giant mouths and race over the land on high legs.  Responsible scholars know crabs have three claws at most and rarely grow bigger than a child).  

Names of Neighborhoods
Orcsrest.  The Bog.  The Gallows.  The Looms.  Fairy's Gate.  Swallowtail Hill.  The Reeks.  Shaker's Place.  Vinegar Way.  Pay-Me-Later Street.  Lover's Lane (PDAs strictly not allowed).   Glasstown.  Fireball Street.  Cartbreaker Cobbles.  Lost Horse Lane.  Planksroad.  Maypole Winter Abbey.  Shrine Street.  Blusterwind Bowles.  Gathers Street.  Carding Cane Gardens.  The Rookeries.  Pigeonhole Place.  Sunkhouse Look.  Dormice Town.  No-Beggars-Here (full of beggars and a frequently-raided wishing well).  The Sighs.  Double-End Street.  Bell-Bottle Circle.   Cherry Court.  Eggbasket Alley.  Lost Spice Lane.  Roadshoulder.  The Boulders.  Mallard Court.  Fulminating Stews Place. 

Names of Princesses (or at least Ladies)

Note that I like the German pronunciation so read names ending in "e" as ending in "uh."  However read a name ending in "ce" as in "advance."  Read names ending in a double-e as ending with "y."  A C followed by an e should be read as a soft C.  V should be pronounced "W" or W as "V" unless it follows a consonant in which case "B."  So basically I'm not consistent at all if I want to use an English or German reading.  Just sound it out and go with what's best.

Fulminee.  Charmine.  Cureen.  Leminee. Variance.  Aldbalde.  Avfulde.  Drebdys.  Creminy.  Caring.   Aldys.  Guangshivre.  Meredith.  Blungwyldys.  Orcrine.  Peresmeneen. Perisnalde. Aptmenyn.  Aspys.  Currant.  Hoargaldvys.  Geldgertys.  Archruthyne.  Foringoldys.  Prumenny.  Petal.  Dylicht.  Ermine.  Baring.  Atlantys.  Terecynce.  Eminentia.  Advantia.  Godsgyft.  Riddynce.  Hulmine.  Clyming.  Aldrudys.     

I hate Pathfinder's names.  Someone at Paizo has a real thing for slavic-sounding soft noises like "ish," "isht," "vsh," and it makes my teeth itch reading that shit.