Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A random table and a picture

Random Orc Generator
Skin Color (roll 1d4)
1. Milk White
2. Ash Grey
3. Pea Green
4. Bruise Purple

Eye Color (roll 1d2)
1. red
2. yellow

Kits (roll 1d8)
1.  Hide armor, greataxe, buckler, javelins x6
2.  Studded leather, falchion, buckler, javelins x6
3.  Scale mail, greatclub, buckler, javelins x6
4. Hide armor, battleaxe, heavy shield, javelins x6
5. Studded leather, longsword, light shield, shortbow, arrows x20
6.  Studded leather, falchion, shortbow, arrows x20
7.  Scale mail, battleaxe, heavy shield, javelins x6
8.  Scale mail, greataxe, shortbow, arrows x20

Alignment (roll 1d100)
001-60 | Chaotic Evil 
61-81 | Chaotic Neutral
82-94 | Neutral Evil
95-100 | True Neutral 

Details (roll 1d20 2-3x, reroll contradictory results)
1. Giant weasel pelt used for serape-like belt
2. Hair gelled up into a volcano of spikes 
3. Face painted in crude depiction of orc cosmos, flames of hell surround lonely orb of earth at center, Eye of Gruumsh above
4.  Tongue tip split, wood plug hammered through lip.  This orc cannot speak without a torrent of spit issuing forth. 
5. Layers of red hawk, brown eagle and black crow feathers crown the back of the hair.  Raptor talons tied to hair tresses.  50% chance this orc thinks he can fly.   
6. Armor fringed with (1d4) 1. elaborate tassels of fluffy squirrel tale, 2. red fox fur, 3. honeyblonde weasel fur, 4. teeth, hundreds of teeth
7. Necklace of ears, shriveled and black 
8. Bracers fringed with raven feathers
9. Rows of jawbones (pig, orc, man) hang from shoulders like a set of spaulders
10. Ogre jawbone gorget
11. Ogre or Ettin skull helmet, painted eye of Gruumsh on crown to help avoid falling arrows
12. Brass studs and rings in face
13. Giant rift-like scar down middle of face
14. Wolf's skull and pelt as headdress
15. Broken tusk
16.  Dire boar tusks crossed over shoulders, pinning mantle
17.  Scarred/missing eye
18. One ear torn off
19.  Necklace of rabbit's foot, chicken bones, wolf fangs and other fetishes
20.  Eye of Gruumsh inked onto (1d4)  1. chin  2. brow 3. back of hand  4. tongue

Special Loot (1d6)
1.  Preserved eye in tiny brine jar.  A common good luck charm.  
2. Small map of the universe inked onto deerskin in gaul/purple blood preparation.  A common meditation tool to prepare for a warrior's death.  In orc cosmology, hell is the starry cosmos surrounding the earth, with Gruumsh's Eye (the moon) towering over all. 
3.  Scraps of steel mail or dire animal hide.  Anyone with the appropriate craft skill could stitch these onto their armor for repairs/a little extra protection. 
4.  1d8 husks of tiny (legs 18" across) monstrous spiders, carefully gathered and wrapped in sacks, each sack tied to an arrow.  When cave spiders molt orcs like to collect the husks, tie them up in sacks, tie the sacks to arrows and shoot them en masse at the enemy.  Everyone knows spiders are extremely unlucky (being associated with the Elves Below) so the concentration of 500 dead spiders will draw bad luck down in force on an enemy position.
5.  A special nail and tooth colorant of pine pitch and red dye.  Does not stain skin, smells strongly.
6.  A small bag of smashed crow skulls.  Shake the bag when you have a question and the rattling of the bone fragments inside is supposed to speak wisdom.  Sort of the orc version of a Magic 8-Ball.

Character Drawing: Female Half-Orc Paladin