Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Basic Retainers/Hirelings

Knobby Sally -
TN Human Thief 1.  Leather Armor, thieves' tools, pair of daggers, hunter's crossbow & bolts.  She's a very bony girl, but they're very long bones and she stands an astounding 6' 1".  Could become very pretty if fed a few decent meals but then why would she stick around with you? 

Morgar the Heavy -
LN Human Fighter 1.  plated leather armor, heavy wooden shield, morningstar, shortbow & arrows.   Obese, pallid and bald as an egg.  Tries to give his extremely round head more definition by means of a dashing scarf.  His mom was a wealthy baker but all he ever wanted to do was become was a knight.  He has a slice of cake painted on his shield which will be his arms when he's knighted, someday, he says. 

Fulk the Younger -
TN Human Fighter 1.    Ring-and-leather armor, heavy wood shield, arming sword, shortbow & arrows.  Blandly handsome, 20something generic young human warrior.  Will claim this isn't his first rodeo; if forced to be more specific, will say he's been in "a few" fights before.  If pressed further than that he'll mutter something about militia training exercises being very realistic.  He is the most likely to fall for any kind of monster that uses girly allure such as a Dungeon Nymph or a Succubus, and he sort of hopes that happens. 

Olgier the Drunk -
CG Human Fighter 1.  Ring-and-leather armor, greataxe, javelins x12.  He is the town drunk and he knows it and owns it.  Actually the bravest hireling but alcohol makes him more selfish and prone to abandoning his post.   Has actually seen some military action, although he mostly just rowed a longship and waved his axe back in the fifth rank.  Still, a brush with genuine greatness makes him able to recognize it so he will be more loyal to people that deserve it. 

Hawke the Rogue -
NE Human Thief 1.  Leather armor, club, sap, shortbow & arrows.  Much less cool than his nickname implies.  He has a pretty sweet fu-manchu and chin-strip thing going on along with Prince Valiant hair and a fancy circlet to hold it in place.  He stole that circlet, it is the nicest thing he owns, everything else he owns is spotted and dirty.  He's one of those dudes who just seems to exude a natural grease somehow.  Thinks he's a wise-cracker but mostly just a snipy complainer.   Prefers to break and enter or crack some heads rather than pick locks. 

Brann the Reckless
CN Human Fighter 1.  Leather armor, buckler, spear, handaxe, shortbow & arrows.   No one actually calls him "the Reckless" except himself, in the hopes it makes him sound tough.  Actually is reckless, but more in the panic-and-flail-wildly way than the raging-shieldbiter way.  Gels his bright red hair up in tremendous spikes and doesn't wear a helmet, so that's pretty reckless.   His father owned a printshop and he is, surprisingly, literate.

Toastif of Mugwose -
TN Human Thief 1.  Leather armor, short sword, crossbow and bolts.  Woodsman and hunter around Bryden Wood near the Village of Mugwose.   He is on the run for poaching, which is what the Bailiff of Mugwose calls it when commoners hunt for their own table.  He knows how to make mushrooms safe to consume for trippy fun times and is waiting for a chance to pop down his last one.   He has all kinds of fucked up rural peasant beliefs like leaving coins in his boots at night or hopping on one foot three times if he steps on a crack.   He is pretty much used to being fucked with and just takes it.